Sunday, October 16, 2016

What is That Thing?

... and why is it rolling all over the library?

Sorry for making the library even noisier this week. The Library League (aka students assigned to Independent Work Experience in the library) was given an interesting challenge this week. You see, a mysterious box arrived. The box had a combination lock. The IWEs had to figure out the combination based on a selection of simple puzzles (like "The year Ms. Lee the librarian graduated from high school minus 1000.")

Once they opened the box, they had to figure out what the heck those things were inside of it and make them do something interesting. Yep, the kids had to create their own challenge then see if they could make it happen. Those 6 seconds of video showing a robot hopping onto a chair required about an hour of figuring out the coding (We used an app called Tickle to control the Parrot Racers.), measuring, testing, adjusting the code, testing again, etc. Many failures led to that single success!

Thank you CUE for the loan of these fun and surprisingly challenging toys!

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