Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3D Printing in the Library

The rumors are true!  We really do have a 3D printer running in the back of the library.  Two printers were donate to Willard earlier this year.  Currently, students enrolled in the Library/Technology Independent Work Experience class are designing objects to print.  The students and staff are learning together how to use this exciting new tool.  We are learning about design and engineering while watching some of our creations completely fall apart.  This is a great opportunity to learn through failure. Each print job is a chance to get it more right.

Students who are interested in designing an object to print should visit to create an account and start tinkering with the program.  Listen for announcements in the Willard Word for when we are ready to print for general students.  One note: we will only manufacture original designs.  The whole point of having a printer is so students can see their own creations brought from screen to reality.

Policies and procedures are being developed.  This is new and exciting, and not many schools have models for us to follow.  As we forge ahead with our Flashforge, check into the library frequently to see what we are building and how our ideas are developing.

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